the cannabis encyclopedia

The cannabis encyclopedia

Are you looking for marijuana seeds that would meet your specific requirements for effects? Enter this encyclopedia and filter the most suitable cannabis seeds, tailored for your needs.

Do you prefer recommendations made by other users? Page through their evaluations and reviews.

Do you have personal experience with various cannabis strains? Share with others and write your own reviews here.

Cannabis Wiki

How do you make your own cannabis salve or tincture?

What are the medicinal effects of cannabinoids, terpenoids and flavonoids contained in the cannabis plant?

What is the legal situation concerning marijuana use and possession in various countries in the world?

Cannabis treatment can often help even with very serious health issues and diseases. Check out our new encyclopedia – Cannabis wiki, where we provide a detailed summary of themes and terms associated with cannabis such as medicinal effects, indications for various ailments, active compounds present in the plant and facts related to legislative restrictions. We also provide a list of world’s seedbanks, regularly updating their history.

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