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10 Secret Cannabis Containers That Will Truly Hide Your Stash

Is there any better feeling than doing something sneaky and getting away with it? The answer is no. So when it comes to your cannabis, it’s always nice when you can hide it in plain sight and know that people have NO idea. Because of that, I’ve compiled a list of 10 places to hide your stash and be in complete stealth mode. Check it.

Smuggler Belts

(Courtesy of Duluth Trading)

Smuggler Belts are dope (no pun intended) because you can walk around with that eighth on you, and still get a fit off with no one being any the wiser. Imagine rocking it out to the bars one night and someone being like, “Man, I wish I had a joint right now” and you snatch your belt off like Pootie Tang and pull a joint out of the back stitching.

Stash Underwear

(Courtesy of iHeartRaves)

Stash pockets are the wave. You can grab a stash-pocket hat or a stash-pocket hoodie, but these stash-pocket underwear are the future. If you think I’m not copping these for Coachella 2018 then you are sadly mistaken. Only way someone’s catching you with these is if they walk up and grab your crotch, but then you get to claim that’s all you (and not a sack of cannabis), so it’s a win-win.

Lipstick Pipe

(Courtesy of

Oh, you thought this list was gonna be all about men-type stuff? Nah, son. Ladies is pimps too. This lipstick pipe is perfect for the on-the-go woman who wants to keep her cannabis on deck, but not have it be obvious. Or for the on-the-go man who likes to feel pretty and witty and gay. Ya boy is very gender-fluid over here.

Fake Tampon Doob Tubes

(Courtesy of Amazon)

I REPEAT: LADIES IS PIMPS TOO. We all know how weird dude-bros get at the sight of tampons, so if a woman wants to hide her goods, these are perfect. Twist your joints, throw ‘em in these, and continue to outsmart us one time-of-the-month at a time.

Pitch-N-Puff Combo Pack

Listed it on my recent broiest items list too, but it’s also very applicable to this one. The Pitch-N-Puff hollow golf ball and tee one-hitter combo is one of the smoothest and sneakiest way to hide your cannabis in plain sight. Literally not a single person would take a second look at either item (unless they were closely examining them like a super-narc) and think, “Oh yeah, there’s a gram of Blue Dream in there.”

The Cigarette One-Hitter

(Courtesy of

The one-hitter, especially when complete with a dugout, is one of the most common, yet still most stealthy ways to hit a little smokey-smoke on the go. Pull out, light it up like a cig, then put it right back in your pocket before anyone notices.

Fake/Hollow Bible

(Courtesy of Secret Storage Books)

Books with hollow centers are a must-have if you’re talking about hiding your cannabis in plain sight. And though you can pick any ol’ book to do so, Bibles are perfect because people don’t ever really open those. No offense. I’ve seen Bibles collect so much dust on so many tabletops, so you’re good.

Fake Soda Stash Can

(Courtesy of

These come in multiple forms as far as cans, bottles, and so on. The point for all of them is the same: a hollowed-out soda container is something no one will think twice about. Toss a bag of that green goodness in the middle, sit in on the coffee table, and then smile to yourself about the fact that people have no clue that you’re loaded up and ready to smoke at any moment. For added safety, find one of a soda that no one ever drinks. You know, like Mountain Dew.

Urban Wraps Rolling Papers

(Courtesy of Amazon)

Rolling papers that look like cigarettes. Enough said.

EZPipe Discreet Lighter Pipe

(Courtesy of EZPipe)

And for the best item on this list, we’ve got the EZPipe. Basically, it’s a dugout with a built-in pipe, complete with a lighter holder that puts the flame right at the top of the dugout. That make sense? If not, just know that with this, you can flip out a little pipe, light your lighter, and get a nice hitski before sliding it right back into your pocket. Hit one of these, exhale, then smirk to yourself as people try to figure out where the smell is coming from.

From smuggler belts to hollow bibles to lipstick pipes, there are plenty of ways to hide your stash in plain sight. Here, Dante Jordan lists his top 10.

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Ten Places That the DEA Thinks Teens Are Hiding Their Weed

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The Drug Enforcement Administration recently terrified parents with this tweet: “Find out where your kids hide drugs,” with a link to a page on, a DEA-produced site designed specifically for parents, educators and caregivers. This particular page, titled Hiding Places, lists spots that people should look if they think kids might be smoking marijuana.

Here are those suspicious spots:

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1. Alarm Clocks
Because they’re a common item to have in a kids’ room, the DEA site says parents should look inside the battery hatch for baggies of bud.

2. Candy Containers and/or Wrappers
Drugs can be camouflaged inside of empty containers that once contained candy. This is a clever hiding place because “a lot of the edible drugs — such as ecstasy or some of the marijuana edibles — look like candy anyway,” according to the DEA.

3. Car Interior
Nothing will make parents regret giving a teen his own car more than discovering the car is serving as a major stash box. Since searching an entire car is quite an undertaking, the DEA offers a few helpful suggestions of where to start, including inside the glove compartment, on the bottom of the seats, behind the steering wheel and in the trunk.

4. Game Consoles
Think your kids are spending too much time playing video games? The DEA gives you another reason to be concerned: They could be hiding weed in the console. “PlayStation, Wii, Xboxes — all of them have small spaces where teens could hide drugs,” the site notes.

5. Graphing Calculator
Is your teen staying up nights doing algebra or calculus? It’s obviously because there’s pot in the calculator. As with alarm clocks, the battery compartment of a calculator can hide tiny bags of weed.

Read on for more places where the DEA thinks teens are hiding their weed.

6. Heating Vent
The DEA thinks heating vents are a good spot to hide weed, but we disagree: When the heat is on, wouldn’t it melt the plastic bag? Even if the bag survives, we’re pretty sure the heat would ruin the weed. This entry just shows that no one who wrote this list actually tried to hide pot when they were young.

7. Highlighter
If only we had all been this smart when we were kids. Apparently ingenious young people have figured out that they can store pot inside the tube of a highlighter pen, and the cap hides the smell. Seriously, that’s a great idea.

8. Posters
If you crunch up your weed enough, you can tape it behind the posters in your bedroom. At least, that’s what the DEA says kids are doing in bedrooms across the nation. “You might want to run your fingers over that poster in his or her bedroom,” the website alerts parents.

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9. Shoes
Okay, ew. The DEA thinks teenagers are storing their marijuana in the toes of their shoes. Unless all of a teen’s shoes are at least half a size too big, how does that even work? And what happens when they walk downstairs? Automatic grinder.

10. Teddy Bears
Although kids have always hidden things in their stuffed animals, a suspicious parent has to be careful checking for pot: Once you slice into a stuffed animal, there’s no turning back. It’s one thing to run your fingers along a poster, but decapitating a teddy bear crosses the line.

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The Drug Enforcement Administration recently terrified parents with this tweet: "Find out where your kids hide drugs," with a link to a page on, a DEA-produced site designed specifically for parents, educators and caregivers. This particular page, titled Hiding Places, lists where people…