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SKöRD Thug Life Strain Review

The Thug Life strain from SKöRD is probably one of my favorite strains in Washington right now! The heavenly mix of OG Kush’s shines on texture and taste. I’ll have to admit it took me a second to get the name “Thug Life” and the blend of various “OG” Kush’s but alast, it’s fire.

SKöRD does a great job with their packaging. Providing a nice quality glass jar with a push and twist top it’s both functional and childproof. Upon cracking the seal and breaking into the in the jar you’ll notice a nice lemony must of an OG Smell. After breaking a nug, you’ll really notice the smell.

The taste on this strain is truly great. Full bodied on the OG spectrum. Being a blunt smoker, this is the kind of weed that fills up a tobacco leaf like a puffy pillow. The high is mellow and resonates with a good mix of head and body.

I love this strain and will continue to keep in the arsenal when I see it on the shelf.

SKöRD's Thug Life strain delivers a powerful blend of various OG crosses. The exotic genetics cut has quickly become one of our favorite OG Kush's in WA.