trainwreck weed reno

Trainwreck weed reno

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Trainwreck weed reno Możliwe, że nie możesz zobaczyć tej strony, ponieważ Użyta zakładka jest nieaktualna Twoja wyszukiwarka nie odświeżyła jeszcze mapy naszej witryny


Trainwreck – A Humboldt Legend

Trainwreck – A Humboldt Legend

Trainwreck, e-32 Trainwreck, Arcata Trainwreck, Humboldt Trainwreck

“1 – The original Trainwreck was supposedly 1st grown in Arcada (sic) , Calif. in the ’60’s. Story has it that there was a train wreck that summer which more or less memorialized what turned out to be a very potent and popular smoke. Sativa dominant.”

“Beserker is the guy who discovered/bred Trainwreck. Steve Tuck is the guy that crossed it with an Afghani to produce a seed-line/woodhorse/meduser Trainwreck.”

“The arcada (sic) cut of train wreck gets it name because it was grown, for the first time, on a hillside, that just so happened to have a train wreck happen in the same area that summer”

“Train Wreck is an old hybrid (1970’s) from Humbodlt of lowland Thai, Mexican Sativa, and a very solid and potent Afghani.”

“TW is basically a Thai low land sativa that got into the mix up here back in the early 80’s. Out doors it’s a huge “weeper creeper” that takes up TONS of space and takes 9 months to come in. It’s original parents were brought back from Thailand by some vagabond-os wanting to reproduce Thai-stick phenotype.”

E-32…tha NEW TrainWreck!

“To get down to where it came from here’s the real scoop. No its not
some old mountain man story about a far off plot in the hills next to
a train track, but that sounds good and all.

The old proprietor of the Humboldt Patient Resource Center or HPRC had a facility in which they were making medicine for the sick.

They were working with many seeds available from the banks (thai) and some old Humboldt strains(afghani/mex).

They started over a hundred of one certain cross (afg/mex x thai) and e-32 is the 32’nd seedling and the one “E” thought was the best. So its kinda named after the grower.

The Making of Breeder’s Choice Trainwreck:

“Trainwreck is from Humboldt, It was originally bred in a town called Honeydew…The arcata cut is the original cut, but it was not bred here in Arcata.

Yea, I wasn’t implying that it was from Arcata but that brings up an interesting point, why do peeps call it the Arcata cut if it was bred in South Hum/greater Garberville area? That never made sense to me. I guess it coincides with all the other silly factious terms/names that have been attached to this strain name (e.g. E32, etc.)…Or that people have no sense of geography/knowledge of the Northcoast and Arcata is the only town in Humboldt that they can think of…

This is because of its short flowering period, large crystal struture, and unique taste.

Disease resistance and its performance outdoors also make it good breeding stock. From what I understand, TW was partially derived from a old school strain that was more or less the staple of PNW outdoor for quite some time.”

I haven’t done any business with the following seedbanks, so this is FYI not an endorsement.

Purple Wreck (Trainwreck x Purple Urkel)

Trainwreck (Homegrown Fantaseeds)

Trainwreck (Dr. Greenthumb)

The Wreck (Breeders Choice):

Purple Wreck, Cheese Wreck, Frost Wreck (Goldenseed) :

Purple Wreck (Reserva Privada):

Cheese Wreck (Seedism):

Trainwreck (Greenhouse Seeds):

Cole Train (Reserva Privada):

A-Train ( TH Seeds):

K-Train (Greenhouse Seeds)

Kachina (Cheese x Trainwreck):

Trainwreck IBL (Crazy – X Seeds)

Celtic Wreck (Celtic Seeds):

Flo Wreck (Celtic Seeds):

Kandy Kush (OG Kush x Trainwreck) (Reserva Privada):

Oriental Express (Thai x Trainwreck) Nectar Seeds:

Chernobyl (Trainwreck x Trinity x Jack the Ripper):

Trainwreck x Super Silver Haze:

Shiva x Trainwreck

Flowering time 8-9 weeks

Growing time 3-8 weeks

Very high yields

Very high THC level

100% female seeds

The White Skunk has a combination of high THC and CBD making the effects after smoking much like being in a rollercoaster for 30 minutes followed by a freefall landing on a giant cotton wool bed, leaving you happily sedated on your sofa.

This strain grows very resinous dense buds with a stereotypical dank skunky smell and beautiful white orange hair’s.

The Shiva heavily influenced her growth patterns making the White Skunk a short plant that focuses completely on producing flowers. This, with the wonderful taste and extreme potency of the Trainwreck, makes the White Skunk a guaranteed cash-crop success.

Cal Train Wreck- Sagarmatha Seeds

Sagarmatha has obtained the Californian version of the famous Train Wreck. Originally developed in Oregon, our friends in California have been able to select the most potent and prolific phenotype of this variety. A ride on this train is going to transport you up the highest peaks flying with the eagles.

  • Type: Indica-Sativa, indoor and outdoor
  • Vegetate until: 4 – 7 internodes.
  • Flowering time: 60-65 days
  • Average height: 0.7 – 1 meter
  • Yield: 300-350 grams / m² (dried, indoor)

The Champion “Cheese” and the terrific “Train Wreck” have been fused to form one the most fantastic hybrids of the 21st century. The aroma and attitudes of the parentage brings this plant to higher level of performance. Moments after the first inhalation, the consciousness of the smoker subsides slowly succumbing to the influence of the Wreck, only to rise up with the fantastic flavored smoke of the Cheese placing a smile on your face and a red twinkle in your sagging eyes. When your garden is limited to only 1 variety, be sure to get your Cheese Wreck boarding pass!

  • Type: Indica-Sativa skunk
  • Vegetate until: 4 – 7 internodes.
  • Flowering time: 55-60 days
  • Average height: 0.8 – 1.2 meter
  • Yield: 350-400 grams / m² (dried, indoor)

TrainWreck ® (Feminised)
Not introduced to competitions yet.
Original clone from Arcata, USA. Reversed 100% feminized.
Like the name suggests, a real blast. It hits fast, and it hits hard. Stoney on the body, confusing and trippy on the brain. A truly powerful smoke.
Flowering indoor:
Ready in 8 weeks, expect a lot of resin and tower-like calyx formation deforming the buds in the final stages of ripening. Production up to 500 grams per square meter.
Flowering outdoor:
Ready beginning October, with stretchy branches and long shaped colas. Production up to 700 grams per plant.
THC: 19.34%
CBD: 0.94%
CBG: 1.01%

Trainwreck x Mango Haze

The Legendary Trainwreck clone meets the Mr Nice Mango Haze. Very similar to the Tw x SSH. Somewhat lanky, extremely resinous and trippy potent high. Will need support when flowering since she kept the thin flexible stems of the mom. Excellent for screening.

Trainwreck – A Humboldt Legend photo: Trainwreck, e-32 Trainwreck, Arcata Trainwreck, Humboldt Trainwreck "1 – The original Trainwreck was supposedly 1st grown in Arcada (sic) , Calif. in the '60's. Story has it that there was a train wreck that summer which more or less memorialized what turned out to be a very…