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Truelove Seeds

Truelove Seeds is up and running! Order seeds, calendars, and more at! In the next few weeks we will be adding more and more seed varieties. We will offer around 100 rare, open pollinated, and culturally important vegetable, herb, and flower varieties grown by urban and rural farmers committed to community food sovereignty and sustainable agriculture. Ordering seeds directly supports the farmers and their important community and agroecological work. # trueloveseeds

Truelove Seeds

Pre-order your Seed Keeping Calendar now at! Each month you’ll gaze at one of these twelve plant relatives and learn a little about their long beautiful journeys in the soils, hands, and dinner plates of our human ancestors. If you value our seed keeping work and want to find a way to support us, please consider purchasing some of these calendars for yourself and all the seedy, garden-loving folks you know. We also have t-shirts, note cards, dried herbs, and of course seeds. Thank you for helping us to keep our beloved seeds and their stories! Calendar orders will be shipped in early November when they have been printed and delivered to us. # seedkeeping

Truelove Seeds находится в городе Newtown Square, Pennsylvania.

This sawtoothed low-growing pungent green herb is native to Mexico, the Caribbean, Central, and South America. I first learned about it from Puerto Rican and Dominican friends who call it Recao and for whom it is an essential part of their family Sofrito recipes. In Trinidad, it is known as Chado Beni, and it is also used extensively in Southeast Asia. Many years, because of difficulty germinating this plant, I’ve bought seedlings from Vietnamese grocery stores where it is called Ngò Gai. In English, it is called Culantro (which sounds like the milder and similarly flavored Cilantro, but is different as you can see here – it’s an Aster). We have been experimenting for several years with seed production of this plant, which would really prefer to be growing in a more tropical climate. The last couple years we’ve grown it in the shade of our Moringa trees and Upland Rice polycultures, and it seems happy enough. We would love any tips you have for growing these wonderful plants in temperate climates! It seems we may have a big enough harvest of seeds this year to share, as long as they pass the germination tests! # seedkeeping # eryngiumfoetidum # recao # culantro # chadobeni # ngogai # asteraceae # sawtoothcoriander @ Newtown Square, Pennsylvania

Truelove Seeds

Happy happy birthday to our seed sister Rowen White. So much love for you, your love, and your wisdom. Honored to share space with you in this article this week 🙂

“Seeds have memories,” says White.

And those memories are very vast, she says. They include memories of past seasons and drought cycles. As a result seeds are inherently diverse with many variances. And they pass on this inherited knowledge to their seed children.

“But we have to be willing to select and save them in order to work with the plant’s gifts to us,” she says.

Truelove Seeds is up and running! Order seeds, calendars, and more at! In the next few weeks we will be adding more and more seed…

TrueLove Seeds on a mission to share culture, history through seeds

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Owen Taylor has been farming his entire life.

He started a gigantic vegetable garden at age 14 and immediately fell in love with it.

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He met his husband, Chris – also a farmer – at a conference on farming and social justice.

His company Truelove Seeds offers an online catalog of ‘culturally important’ plantings. He says he’s been filling orders non-stop since the pandemic hit.

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As a ‘seed keeper’, he grows everything for the seeds He only buys from small farmers and puts the origin of the seeds on the back of each packet.

Half of each sale goes back to the original farmer. He practices a natural form of farming known as ‘no-till’. #BeLocalish

Seed Keeper keeps seed as an act of 'true love' for our ancestors and our collective future. #BeLocalish