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Bred by Rare Dankness as part of their Ghost Train Haze series pairing legendy OG Kushes with their Nevil's Wreck (Arcata Trainwreck x Neville's Haze) male, this strain redefined maximum potency when High Times tested it at the Cannabis Cup, being named the Strongest Strain on Earth. Kush Pandey Banking & Static Awareness - Star Reasoning Faculty of Online Youtube Channel Adda247 Teaching More than 10 Lakh Students. - Spent over 6 Years in teaching Banking Awareness to thousands of students for competitive exams.

You have experience with the medical qualities of Wildfire? Sharing your information here maybe can help other people! State regulators and industry insiders expect the first dispensary to open with cannabis available in about two months. 4+ You probably know that in order to get the best results, your plants need to make it through the majority of their lifecycle without major problems. This is exactly the same as making cannabis butter, except with stems… We won’t go into detail on this one, as we have already covered how to make cannabis butter in a previous post, so just replace the bud with stems and follow the same stems. Keep in mind that using stems instead of buds will result in a far less potent butter. Possible Side Effects of the Blueberry Headband Strain. Pee: Don’t let the test be your first pee of the day! Try to urinate several times prior to the actual test. When you step into the restroom, catch your sample mid-stream as it will have the lowest concentration of metabolites.

Had 5 seeds 4 sprouted accidentaly killed one 3 grew fine one seemed to be less than normal yeild. Easy to grow low nutes as she dosent like high dosage. grew fast 50-60 days one ripend sooner than the other 3 it was the one with low yeild. The first time i smoked her and was very high not reccomended for people with paranoia. Once u get used to the dosage u can enjoy a very powerful trippy high. Very strong strain not reccomended for novice tokers/vapers. With more and more states legalizing marijuana for medical and recreational use, consumers everywhere are looking to learn about marijuana, including how to grow cannabis , how to store marijuana extracts , and how to roll the perfect joint . “Rat had one of those pesky little Raven .25 calibers, and I had a .38 revolver. If he ever shot anyone with it, it was just going to piss them off, plus it left [empty casings] lying around.” Energy-saving lamps are almost the same as fluorescent lamps. The VSAs are built in and the glass of the lamp is folded. Please read these terms and con­di­tions fully and care­fully. If you do not agree to be bound to each and every term and con­di­tion set forth herein, please exit the Site and do not access, read or oth­er­wise use infor­ma­tion pro­vided herein. Do not take the bottle completely out of the water as the smoke will just release into the air. Once the water almost reaches the bottom of the bottle remove the cap and inhale while pushing the water bottle back down into the basin. Also, if you have a substantial “moonshot” session, don’t use Lynx Axe body spray to hide the scent, as you’ll probably only supplement it! Moreover, be wary when exercising soon after a session, lest you smell like Howard Marks. And finally, the scent of certain strains genuinely smells like the pungent odor produced by a skunk, so don’t assume your weed has ‘gone off’ to keep predators at bay! Here’s a custom Hydro/DWC schedule I made so you don’t have to figure out half the recommended dose. Also, make sure to also get Hydroguard to protect your roots from root rot. A rule with any grow space is to have the intake's opening twice the open area of the exhaust's. When this mutation takes place there appear plants that are totally white, or with incredible patterns, coloured or colourless. It all depends on the cause of the albinism: if it is due to a double albino gene the whole plant is white. If it comes from a malfunction of the genes that regulate chlorophyll production, it will feature patterns or areas as white as snow.

I have never had this before and it has a very sweet taste and smell. I tended to it more than others so i could smell it all day. Known Phenotypes: Monster Gorilla Glue is a supreme strain with great resin production. The Silverback: Turn-key Stealth Hydroponic Grow Box with Cloning Chamber. Nugget type and density: Tangerine Kush is a mostly indica variety from Exotic Seeds and can be cultivated indoors (where the plants will need a flowering time of ±67 days ) and outdoors .

Exotic Seeds' Tangerine Kush is a THC dominant variety and is/was also available as feminized seeds.


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