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Tahitian Type Grade A Vanilla Beans

Starting at: $115.95

Madagascar Vanilla Bean Seeds

Starting at: $28.95

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Pure Peppermint Extract

Starting at: $7.95

Organic Pure Vanilla Extract Single-Fold

Starting at: $21.95

Vanilla Bean Paste

Starting at: $23.95

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Classic Madeleines with a Gourmet Vanilla Bean Twist

Do gourmet desserts intrigue you? Ditch the imitation vanilla extract or anything less than top quality vanilla extract and opt for Madagascar Grade A vanilla beans for a dash of luxury in your sweet treats. The beans have a characteristic, sweet aroma with a velvety undertone that turns any regular dish, desserts or baked goods like these classic Madeleines into a gourmet delight. Continue reading →

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We Love Vanilla!

At World Class Vanilla Co., our mission is to provide our customers with a wide range of superior quality Vanilla products at competitive prices. Whether you are a manufacturer of frozen desserts, baked goods or other food products; a chef, the owner of a fine restaurant, a gourmet cook, or a connoisseur of fine vanilla products – we are your go-to source for all things Vanilla!

World Class Vanilla Co. offers Madagascar Vanilla Beans, Pure Vanilla Extract and other Vanilla products of superior quality compared with what you might typically find in your local supermarket. Combined with pricing that is a fraction of what most retailers charge, we make it possible for anyone to bake, cook or create with real, honest-to-goodness Vanilla, rather than imitation or adulterated products. You and your customers will notice the difference!

Only the freshest Madagascar Vanilla Beans will leave our door on their way to you. Plump, moist, aromatic and full of flavor. Every time.

World Class Vanilla also has some unique products that very few, if any, of our competitors offer such as Ten-Fold Vanilla Extract, a proprietary Vanilla Purée – Triple Strength Vanilla Bean Paste and real Vanilla Seeds!

We strive to offer you an intuitive, easy-to-navigate website to make your shopping experience a pleasure. Most orders are shipped within 1 to 2 business days, and our pledge is to offer you quality, price and customer service that exceeds your expectations. Rest assured that our site is secure and that we guard your personal information as protectively as we guard our own!

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