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If you are an individual that desires assistance managing depression, stress, anxiety, other mood disorders, PTSD, chronic pain, migraines or fatigue, Pineapple marijuana might be the right strain for you, and is definitely at least worth a shot. Assembled kit measurements: 39" long x 39" wide x 85" high. This famous outdoor seed-strain from California was brought to Holland in the early Eighties and perfected for indoor and greenhouse growers. California Orange Bud is a plant with plenty of power and amazing zest in both taste and performance. Her citrus aroma is sweet in the flowering stage and delicious when smoked.

Complementing her orange flavour are thick clumps of pistils growing over solid, resinous buds. When mature, they give the plants an overall colour that is more orange than green. The end result is a fruitful yield in more ways than one! A fast, trouble-free variety of cannabis, suitable for beginners or experts. There's no need to choose between production and quality when California Orange Bud can give you both! Hemp has one of the highest levels of protein of any plant and is an incredible and sustainable source of important plant-based Protein plus hemp contains vital Amino Acids, Essential Fatty Acids and nutrients. I had this again the other day and thought it was even better then the east coast alien I had previously(Alien OG is GOAT. As a patient gets healthier, simple pine strains are superior for most issues. However, The patient is eventually better off switching to Alien OG.

It has less elements then other strains, and may be all the patient actually needs, so they don’t get hooked on the elements they really don’t need. I like the pine strains as simple as possible Alien OG has been my favorite so far. There is no need to cross in lemon or anything else into the pine strain. I basicly always pick up a bag of pine, and a bag of something halfway sleepy (I prefer lemon or lime) but not purple. Alien OG is very inspiring for the first two weeks, then it gets where I can only stand to use a little each day, but just a little pine each day is very good for depression round the clock. Simple pine is the best, for long term antidepressant. Easy on the lungs, pine smell and taste makes me pine for when I was young, and is inspiring. I am looking forward to trying a chemdog based pine strain. Harvest winter squash when they are fully mature after the rind has hardened. Under proper conditions, these squash can be stored for several months for winter use. FINOLA is autoflowering industrial hemp from Finland with negligible THC levels. Crazy as it seems, this variety has been suggested as the possible secret identity of Mexican Ruddy or a usurper. It’s true that quite a few seedbanks have dabbled with industrial hemp autos, but with limited success. For starters, the resulting progeny are not uniformly autoflowering; often, up to 50% will not inherit the trait. That same day, postal inspectors caught a priority mail shipment from Laguna Hills, California, to Oxford. It contained 1.5 kilos of THC vape cartridges and brown wax suspected to be THC wax. Note: It’s common to think that a cannabis plant getting 12 or less hours of light is what initiates flowering, but it’s actually uninterrupted darkness that does the trick! If the plant gets any light during the dark period, even for just a minute, it won’t make buds! In fact, a flowering plant may even revert back or express hermaphroditism if it gets any light at night! Feminizing via the silver thiosulfate technique involves carefully selecting a nearly mature female plant, then spraying it with 50/50 mix of sodium thiosulfate and silver nitrate. This triggers a gender change, from female to male. Place this plant back with the others to pollinate other female plants, and female seeds are created. Removing leaves in the vegetative phase will slow down the growth process of your plant. It will let you control the shape and growth speed of your plant. Use this technique to create a smaller plant that exposes its buds to the grow lights.

It has thin yet sturdy branches and tends to fill up a space quickly while displaying decent node spacing. ***Material*** Pipe bowl made out of homegrown cherrywood. “When I say the dancehall space, I mean anywhere, wherever you can go get a permit and keep a party. We want to make it like how you have X-rated movies, that way people already know what dem a sign up for,” he said.

Monday 9 AM to 6 PM Tuesday 9 AM to 6 PM Wednesday 9 AM to 6 PM Thursday 9 AM to 6 PM Friday 9 AM to 6 PM Saturday By Appointment Sunday Closed. Yes, weed is legal in California for adults 21 and older and for medical patients 18 and older. Under current California marijuana laws , adults can grow up to six plants at home.


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