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Signs of Marijuana Use

Someone taking marijuana can:

  • get dizzy
  • laugh for no reason
  • have red, bloodshot eyes
  • forget things that just happened

Marijuana makes you feel like time is slowing down. Minutes can feel like hours. At the same time, everyday sights, sounds, and tastes may seem really interesting or funny.

Marijuana can make you feel very hungry. You want to eat lots of junk food. Some people call this “the munchies.”

People who smoke marijuana often smell like it afterwards. Marijuana smells sweeter than cigarette smoke. A person might use incense, cologne, or perfume to try to hide the smell.

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“I need different people around me.”

To stop using marijuana, Cristina is making positive changes in her life. She finds support from family and friends who don’t use marijuana.

Treatment & Recovery Information

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