weed smokers chat room

Weed smokers chat room

Medical Marijuana – Your Online Marijuana Community. We have a Lively Forum as well as 24/7 Private Secure IRC Chat on irc. Free Grow Advice, Smoke Reports, Medical Marijuana, World News, Games, CS Servers and more! – friendly stoner chat site, Where the grass is always Greener, laid back mods, come have a look!! – your marijuana travel network

Cannabis Headquarters – The online cannabis community with forums, gallery, strain guide, news & much more!

Cannabis Wikia – A free wiki for Cannabis and everything about it. – Community For Marijuana Enthusiasts – Community for marijuana enthusiasts. Home of the Chronic
Babes! Dating, live chat, forums, pics and more. Come meet new friends. 100% free to join. The ultimate chronic hangout. Also, information on growing, how to guides, and news.

Cyberstoner! – Cyberstoner contains links to marijuana and drug-related websites, news and general info. – Marijuana users and growers online community.

Global Communications Network – GCN is a free internet tool featuring: Chat rooms, message boards, games, browser, voice/video conferencing, translator, Jabber, e-mail.. and much more.

GrowCannabis.Co.Uk – Top100 UK Cannabis Links – Cannabis Search Engine

HighTimers – Friendly 420 community. Chatrooms with fun sounds and images, message boards, photo galleries, polls, games and more!

Hippy Forum – Hippy Forum for hippies and the like

HotPotMail Free Email – Your name @HotPotMail.Com – free E-Mail with attitude.

Hydroponics Lounge – brand new site will cover growing, legal issues, General discussion of marijuana and a lot more.

LA MARIHUANA – The spanish cannabis search engine

Linkbase – Highly controversial web sites of the internet. Drugs sellers, medication sellers, international pharmacies, escort agencies, Anarchy pages, Offshore banking, mp3, literature, security, weapons and other links.

Marijuana – mindknow : a marijuan blog – The internet’s #1 source for marijuana news and information including forums, chat rooms, polls, links, downloads.

1-Marijuana – Everything Marijuana: News, Discussion Forums, Free 10MB Email, Videos, Chat, Galleries and more.

Marijuana Related Links – 420KindZone offers a high quality directory of marijuana related links and resources. Find seeds, pipes, bongs, accessories and more from the Internets number 1 source for marijuana resources.

Marijuana Scholar – A Clever Counterculture Community, where cannabis enthusiasts can hook up with likeminded people in chatrooms. Create classifieds, blogs, events, clubs and win prizes.

Marijuana Signpost – A marijuana network of cannabis links and products. Seeds, rolling papers, roach clips, cookbooks, growing advice, ganja kits, lighter cases, garden supplies, joints, doobies, bag of weed, chat, ratings, cool stuff.

Marijuana Strain Guide’s Link Directory – A marijuana/cannabis friendly web links directory. Featured listings only $1.00! – Is Where Tokers Can Meet and Everything Goes.

Marijuana, Hemp, and 420 Search Engine! One of the oldest and largest Marijuana, Hemp, and 420 related Search Engine and Directory in the World! With over 3000 links to Head shops.

Pot Heads Palace – a chat room made for stoners of all ages. I just want to welcome all stoners and give them a chance to talk to each other.

PotHead Personals – Find romance through free personal photo ads for people who smoke marijuana or any other recreational drug those wanting a relationship with a pothead or recreational spirit! – DONT read this if you have been brainwashed by society. This could seriously make you think twice and have you considered as socially irresponsible. This site is only if you can think for yourself, and want to support a worthy cause. We welcome your links.

SALAMANDRESS MARIJUANA CHAT – salamandress a marijuana chat we have a lot of fun meeting stoners from all over the world we also play trivia the stoners love it we get great crowd here.

Slackers Cannabis – A forum where cannabis users can chill, post pictures, and get infomation.

Smokyeyes – Medical Marijuana Support Forum. Grower’s Forum, Streaming Tunes, News, Live Marijuana Chat, Marijuana News From Around The World, Member Photo Gallery.

420 Smoking Links – A Hemp link list dedicated to providing links to good quality Cannabis supporting sites and other hemp related products, resources, and much more.

Stoners Forum – Friendly busy forum for stoners to discuss their wayz of life. Movies, music, personals, poems, pictures, munchies, stories and everything stoned! – Connect with casual smokers, medical users and others who support the use of Cannabis.

The Flow Magazine – From Holland – Given with love – Cannabis information resource, Smokers pages, Cultivation guides, marijuana and the law. Marijuana as Medicine. 800(+-) Hemp links.

The Green-Community – United Stoner Network – A community site with forums and a gallery to talk about ganja, growing, etc.

The Marijuana Forum – Stoner forum for weed smoker’s across the globe to come and meet new people and even join our live IRC server

The Pothead’s Blog – The misadventures of The Pothead. – Cannabis cultivation, drug laws, drug testing, the legalization of hemp, the recreational use of marijuana, the medical uses for hemp, and the global impact of the War On Drugs.

Tom’s Cannabis Top 100 – Tom’s Cannabis Top 100 Is A Listing For Cannabis Related Sites – Live 24/7 IRC/Java chat server for stoners from across the globe to gather up and chill out in our friendly stoner server.

420 Shopping

Containing tons of inside info on problems and solutions experienced by growers with tons of pictures and two bonus sections.

A marijuana/hemp search engine with tons more cool stuff.

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Internet sites offering free webspace and e-mail or just good gathering places for like minded individuals on the net.

Lit Weed Chat Rooms No Login Required Weed Chat Enter & Chat

Clubs Around The World We All Party The Same & Remember Marijuana Smokes The Same In Every Language.

Cool Weed Chat Rooms Enjoy

Weed Chat Rooms for anyone looking for stoner conversations, with people from all around the world. We offer a safe marijuana friendly space for all stoners. Weed Chat Enjoy

Stoners enjoy our 420 chatroom no login required just type. Our goal is to bring people together from all walks of life. There is a translation button at the top of every page. If your looking for people who enjoy smoking weed or want to ask questions about the benefits of marijuana. You have found the right marijuana blog.

“The illegality of cannabis is outrageous, an impediment to full utilization of a drug which helps produce the serenity and insight, sensitivity and fellowship so desperately needed in this increasingly mad and dangerous world.”
― Carl Sagan

Everyone want marijuana reform or change in one way or another. With this growing need for marijuana legalization, the tides are slowly shifting. Marijuana is branding herself as a universal answer to a lot of today’s problems.

We hope you enjoyed our stoner chatroom enjoy your high with us. Our goal is just to provide a platform for people to talk about anything marijuana related. Feel free to ask questions or just talk about whatever is on your mind.

Our stoner blog is for Marijauan supporters around the globe. So it doesn’t matter if you’re getting high in Ireland. Or smoking joints in Spain we want you to enjoy your high with us. Stay lit chat sites for stoners

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Weed Chat Rooms for anyone looking for stoner conversations, with people from all around the world. Marijuana friendly space for all stoners, dope weed chat