weed that smells like pine sol

Weed that smells like pine sol

Yes its natural

Ive had it many times

Not too fond of it honestly

Weed gets some funky smells naturally

From pinesol to fruity pebbles to gasoline or candy

Hyphilion said:
I have had this a couple of times, so I was wondering if anyone else has run into it.

Can pot naturally smell sort of like pine-sol?

Or could it be that dick-headed drug dealers spray pine-sol or something else on it to add weight?

I have had this a couple of times, so I was wondering if anyone else has run into it. Can pot naturally smell sort of like pine-sol? Or could it be that dick-headed drug dealers spray pine-sol or

5 cannabis strains for people who love pine flavors

You ever walk into the deepest depths of the woods, take a deep breath, and get a refreshing whiff of pine aromas? What if I told you that you could get that same experience from sniffing certain cannabis strains and terpenes?

Just like citrus, berry, and gassy flavors, cannabis can also have piney aromas and flavors. Many people expect these flavors to reflect pinene , which promotes alertness, and is a terpene also found in plants and conifers, but some of these strains don’t even contain that terpene.

If smelling like a walk through the woods sounds like a treat to you, here are 5 cannabis strains to go buy now.

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Dutch Treat

Dutch Treat is a popular strain that’s become essential in Amsterdam coffee shops. It has dense, sticky buds, but more importantly, it has a sweet flavor of pine trees that will slap you right in the nose.

Most people expect a cerebral high that’ll have you up and alert yet also relaxed, making Dutch Treat a great stain for creative tasks. Dutch Treat is dominant in the terpenes terpinolene , myrcene , and ocimene .

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Larry OG

Larry OG is some goddamn fire, let me tell you that straight off the bat. Also called Lemon Larry, this cross of OG Kush and SFV OG has familiar citrus scents followed by strong piney tones that’ll please the palate of any OG connoisseur.

These flavors are driven by a combination of the terpenes myrcene , limonene , and caryophyllene . From those terpenes comes an experience that most people say is powerful but not overwhelming, reminiscent of the highs of many OG Kush phenotypes and crosses.

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King Louis XIII

King Louis XIII is a limonene -dominant strain with piney flavors. There’s not much information out there on it, but many believe it to be an indica-dominant strain with OG genetics. It has an earthy and piney smell, the taste is like a spicy Kush, and most think its effects are potently relaxing.

Need a lil’ sleep tonight? This strain will probably get you there.

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This indica-dominant cross of Afghani and Northern Lights produces dominant limonene , myrcene , and caryophyllene terpenes. A potent strain, Superglue is here to sit you down with a strong body high, as it comes from super spicy and piney strains.

Most people say they feel relaxed, happy, and euphoric after smoking this strain, but some also say they feel creative and up, so if you’re looking for a perfectly balanced option on this list, say hello to Superglue.

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SFV OG is an OG Kush phenotype with OG Kush terpenes and effects. This sativa-dominant strain smells of earth, pine, and lemon, and its effects hit the head and body with a strong haziness, making it great for daytime chillin’ in the sun.

It’s important to note that SFV OG and SFV OG Kush are NOT the same strain, though they possess similar genetics and qualities. Just like OG Kush, SFV OG is dominant in myrcene , limonene , and caryophyllene .

Check out these cannabis strains with pine flavors, reminding you of taking a walk through the deepest depths of the woods.