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Drying marijuana in metal boxes

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There have always been two processes involved in drying marijuana; hanging it in an airy area to get most of the humidity out of it, and then putting it in a hermetically sealed container so as to cure it correctly. Recently there’s been a wave of unexperienced growers drying marijuana in metal boxes, which is something that we do NOT recommend, and today we’ll explain why.

To dry marijuana, first of all we don’t recommend using boxes because the buds are extremely humid and they need a decent amount of ventilation. If you stick your humid buds in a box, there’s a 90% chance that they will rot and end up expanding to the entire box of buds. The best way to dry your bud is to hang each branch separately, with enough space in between for air to get through. You can use a drying sock or simple clothes hangers, which are the most used methods due to giving the best results. Once you notice that your bud is slightly crispy you should begin curing them, which is when you need to move them to a jar or a box.

If you’re going to cure your bud then you’ll need a hermetically sealed container which keeps the humidity inside the box until the chlorophyll rots and evaporates. You’ll need to open the container once a day or once every two days so that the air is renewed and the humidity isn’t too high. Your bud will begin looking slightly yellow and it will lose that leafy taste and show its true flavor. Glass jars are the most used method to cure weed, keeping your buds in perfect conditions and easy to transport and keep around the house. Nowadays you can buy special containers and special wooden boxes to keep your bud in the best condition possible.

If you use a metal box two things can happen, depending on if the box is hermetically sealed or not. It most likely won’t be hermetically sealed, therefore it won’t retain the humidity and won’t cure your bud. If the box does have a hermetic seal, keep in mind that metal is a cold material that retains humidity, meaning that it’s definitely not the best condition for your bud, and it might even cause fungi to grow which could ruin all of your hard work.

Another issue with metal boxes is that your bud might end up absorbing the metallic taste, and the pure taste of bud would be absolutely ruined. It can also leave oxidized stains on your buds. Stainless steel is the only kind of metal you can trust to not stain your buds, but it will probably still have a metallic taste.

The material of the container used to cure your buds needs to be one that won’t alter the properties of your marijuana. Metal is a kind of material that will alter its properties quickly, making it one of the least-recommended options out there.

More and more people are joining the trend of drying marijuana in metal boxes, which we absolutely do not recommend; read on to find out why.