weed tricks

Cool smoking tricks to impress your friends!


The “Snap Inhale” is a fairly complicated trick and may take some practice to master. Start by taking a phat (huge) hit from your bong, pipe, or joint. Then, while the smoke is still in your mouth, curl your tongue upwards toward the roof of your mouth. Next, open your lips a bit and snap your tongue down. Finally, let the smoke float out of your mouth for a moment before you quickly inhale. This is one a sweet-looking trick!


This is a very cool technique that will prove you are a pot-smoking pro. Simply take a nice hit and then open your mouth (letting the smoke flow out slowly). Then, lightly inhale that smoke through your nose. If done right, the smoke will gradually flow out of your mouth and directly into your nose.

After the initial awe-inspiring inhale, you can draw the rest of the smoke into your mouth or continue to inhale through your nose until the hit is completely finished.


There are two different ways to do this trick:

As with the previous tricks, begin by taking a nice hit from your smoking utensil of choice. Then, start the exhalation through your mouth, but switch to a nose exhalation half way through (while continuing to exhale through your mouth).

Vise-versa, you can do this trick by starting the exhalation through your nose then switching to a mouth exhalation (while continuing to exhale through your nose).


Ok, this is one of the coolest tricks, but also one of the most challenging. To begin, take your hit but don’t inhale the smoke. (Just let the smoke float around in your mouth.) Next, form your lips into the shape of an “O” as if you where going to say “oh.” Then, quickly push some of the smoke out with the back of your tongue as you exhale. A tiny puff of smoke should emerge in the shape of a ring.

Once you’ve got that down pat, you can change the size of the ring you exhale by varying the amount of space between your lips. (Also, you can flex your throat muscles rapidly and shoot out rings in rapid-fire bursts.)

Finally, when you become an expert at the basics, you may be able to shoot out a large ring and then quickly send a smaller ring speeding through the center of the large ring… sweet.


This is a very easy “trick,” but it is super useful when used correctly. The value in this trick lies not in how it looks when performed, but in how it is used in social situations. You start by taking a drag from a pipe, joint, or bong. Then, upon exhaling, you expel the smoke into someone’s mouth while they inhale. In essence, you are open-mouth kissing… while getting high.


To perform “The Cloud” you first need to take a large hit. Next, simply exhale the smoke while opening your mouth as wide as possible and closing it as you tilt your head back. The key to this trick is in the timing. Be sure that you are releasing the smoke at the same time your head is tilting back. When done right, you will produce a small well-defined cloud floating in the air.


This trick pretty much speaks for itself. While it does not require much practice to pull off the “Ghost Face,” you will need enough smoking experience to be able to take huge hits from your smoking device without coughing or choking. After you inhale a monster hit, simply keep your head level and exhale the smoke in a controlled fashion with your mouth open wide. When done correctly, the smoke should cover your entire face creating a ghost-like effect.


This is not so much a “trick” as it is a silly stunt to make people laugh. Simply inhale a large amount of smoke, swallow it, and then burp it right back up. However, do not wait too long to burp or you might end up coughing and then the laugh will be at your expense.

Cool smoking tricks to impress your friends! SNAP INHALE The “Snap Inhale” is a fairly complicated trick and may take some practice to master. Start by taking a phat (huge) hit from your bong,