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Inspirational Wedding Ideas

Say your high-dos with a beautiful cannabis infused wedding. Le Festin Events and a team of talented vendors wanted to showcase the potential and beauty of cannabis in all its forms. Inspired by the vintage Americana paintings of Norman Rockwell, they came up with 9 classy and fun ways to infuse cannabis into just about everything for your wedding day.

From a beautiful hemp + silk wedding dress to a “bud bar” with a professional “budtender” and “dabarista”, we love how creative and unique each idea turned out. Read on to learn more, and be sure to visit the full gallery captured by Kiel Rucker Photography for more budding ideas.

Removing the negative stigma

From Le Festin Events: This was an inspiration shoot featuring multiple layers of what can be included in a cannabis wedding. I, along with all vendors involved, wanted to truly show the potential and beauty of cannabis, to steer people away from the negative stigma that has surrounded it through the years.

1) Bridesmaids and groomsmen cannabis gifts.

2) A hemp and silk wedding dress. This gorgeous gown was handmade by Larimeloom.

3. Add cannabis to your greenery! Think cannabis centerpieces, floral crown, bouquet and boutonnieres.

inspiration high

I wanted to show that cannabis can indeed be incorporated into wedding in classy, fun and beautiful ways. I realize that a wedding may not necessarily incorporate ALL of the items we have shown here, but this inspiration shoot is truly meant to inspire and perhaps give couples ideas of what can be placed into their big day in little doses.

4) A cannabis decorated lounge and stations with clocks set to “4:20”.

5) Cannabis Tokens (I call these “Token Tokens”) which was designed to give out to guests over the age of 21. Each guest receives 3 – 4 tokens which they can redeem for a small hit of marijuana, or a very low dose edible, or a very low dose of “canna cocktail” (1.5 – 2 milligrams of THC or CBD) to ensure that guests are not over-consuming.

6) A “Canna Bar” with a PROFESSIONAL budtender and a dabarista that guide 21+ age guests on various marijuana strains, ways of intake and certainly talk about the strains and effects. SUPER important!

Vintage Americana feel

The colors used are bright and happy, with various ones of blue, to give the feeling of a spring or summer wedding in the country. The farmhouse and the idea of pushing the envelope with cannabis in weddings brought the idea of the painter and progressive activist, Normal Rockwell. So, the shoot was centered around the feeling of vintage Americana.

7) A Canna-Infused Cocktail Bar. We used a cannabis infused sparkling water with a mixer. 1.5 MG of THC per drink.

8) A Canna Infused Edibles Station with 1.5 – 2 MG CBD (non-psychoactive cannabinoid) and THC (psychotropic cannabinoid) infused flatbreads, pasta and soup shooters.

9) Last but not least, a cannabis adorned cake.

Say your high-dos at this cannabis infused wedding shoot from Le Festin Events.

Luxurious Cannabis Wedding Inspiration (With A Spliff Bar!)

Guess what, lovelies – “weed weddings” aren’t just for hippies anymore. Our friends at High Herstory (a women-centric cannabis brand and hilarious web series) have produced the most luxurious, high-style, same-sex wedding inspiration that will prove that the cannabis and wedding markets are about to go wild!

I had the pleasure myself (Claire Eliza) to photograph the hip and elegant scene and was tickled with all the new, creative wedding ideas. CBD oils to calm those wedding nerves, THC chocolate favors for guests, a weed-laced wedding cake (of course!), marijuana inspired fashion, elegant yet functional bong vases, and of course, the pièce de résistance – the spliff bar.

Best of all, most of these ideas are executed in such a fashionable and understated way, we doubt Grandma Jean would even notice.

Needless to say, the wedding dresses needed serious “cool factor” to match this 420-friendly editorial, and we found that in Sarah Seven‘s latest bridal collection. Featuring a sexy, flattering, nude and ivory lace gown and an equally alluring, luxe, silk blend dress – both gowns live up to her motto, “stay chic as shit” and had our jaws to the floor.

Alyson Nicole provided an extra edge with a variety of ivory and gold bridal accessories, including a sparkling gold veil that may charm even the most stubborn of naysayers. Tassled earrings added a little whimsy, and gold PVC pipe pins gave our brides a wild touch.

Below, Kendall Watkins of High Herstory gives us the ultimate guide to wedding day stress relievers, luxurious gifts for brides and grooms & how to put together that fabulous new herbal spliff bar (move over cigar bar – spliff bars are taking over!) While many of the products and gifts listed below don’t actually have marijuana, be sure to check your wedding destination’s local consumption laws before starting your shopping spree.

Stress Relieving Cannabis Ideas

Weddings create stress on many levels. As an all natural stress reducer and anti-inflammatory, Rosebud CBD could be this year’s wedding savior.

By dropping in your coffee, adding to your favorite moisturizer and massage oil, or baking it into a treat, Rosebud CBD oil may help brides and grooms feel calm, focused, and in control while offering a sense of clarity. Less stress allows for more presence and joy on your big day! The best part? Rosebud CBD is non-intoxicating and won’t get you high.

Gifts For Brides, Grooms & Bridal Parties

Love + Destroy, a Female owned and New York-based modern lifestyle brand is designed for the rapidly evolving smoking culture. Give your bridal party buds a gift they will actually use! For example, customizable one-hitters or bird pipes are the perfect way to show your gratitude to your friends for being with you on your big day. Add a few prime nuggs and one of L+D’s pebble ashtrays and you’ve officially started the party. These classy pieces are 3D printed, hand-finished ceramics and look beautiful in any finish which makes them perfect gifts for ladies and men.

My Bud Vase makes signature one-of-a-kind artisan pieces – perfect for the bride and groom who love to be discrete about their cannabis consumption. Vintage designer bongs are crafted by artist Doreen Sullivan, who originally created these beautiful pieces to avoid good ol’ fashioned “mom-shaming” as they look more like artwork than a smoking device. Your bride will definitely thank you later for a piece she doesn’t have to hide when her mother-in-law drops in for a visit.

High Herstory & Claire Eliza produce the most luxurious, high-style, same-sex wedding inspiration to prove cannabis weddings aren't just for hippies anymore!