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It can affect cannabis plants throughout all stages of growth, for example due to high humidity when exposed to rainy weather outdoors. Largely, what increases the risk of mould is moisture. And not just during growth, but post-harvest as well. In fact, the risk of mould propagating on your buds is at its peak during these final crucial steps of preparation.

As such, it’s essential to remove excess moisture to mitigate any potential issues. If you consume Blue Dream in regular amounts, you won’t experience any negative reactions. At most, on average, people report dry eyes-but that’s usually due to dehydration. If you stay well hydrated, it shouldn’t be an issue. The same is true for ‘cotton-mouth’ which this strain can produce-depending on your hydration level. As you can probably guess from the name, defoliation involves removing leaves from your plants. It must only be used in specific situations and is not an effective method of improving outdoor yields. The wrong way to defoliate is to focus on removing slow-growing and ‘sickly’ leaves.

The problem here is that the process only makes weak plants sicker and more susceptible to disease. I do not believe the health of the plant is directly tied to the apparent “health” of the seed. Well, some background on this strain is a group of Jewish kids in LA were running around with this great herb and calling it "Jew Gold". now in the upper crust LA scene this name was all good and people had embraced it. Well we just couldn't get ourselves around the name and referred to it as the JG. well after time went on, we acquired a cut from the JG crew, at a price of course, and started to grow the JG in numbers and well. DNA both are non-religious on every level and really don't have the desire to promote or not promote any race, religion, or creed. With that being said, we couldn't pass up the opportunity to turn the Jew Gold into the Kosher Kush. Keeping humor alive and trusting the cannabis community can handle a stoner name like Kosher Kush!! And most people would agree if somebody says "its kosher" it generally means its OK, not lets go to the synagogue . People are asking every day when are the Kosher Kush seeds going to be available and the demand is Very High. Available in 25 site , 36 site (most popular) and 64 site sizes, to accommodate different volumes of clones. And if you take the special cut of Skunk # 1 called Cindy 99, and mix that with the special cut of Skunk # 1 called Cheese, you get a new strain. Building A DIY Deep Water Culture Hydroponics System. However, hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD) products that contain less than 0.3% THC by weight are legal to use and possess. It offers an abundant yields of up to 700g per m2 cultivated indoors, and up to 2000g per plant cultivated outdoors in open ground. It produces fleshy, resinous and aromatic flowers with a delightful purple colour . Users who find White Fire OG to be an uplifting or stimulating variety likely have ocimene to thank for the pleasant effect. Number of Servings = Pan Area ÷ Cake Serving Size Area. Not originally planned to make it into this project, our Sage 'n' Sour OG was "too good" to be left out, one of our breeders said. Black Sugar is a hardy indica strain bred using a combination of Black Domina, LA OG and Critical genetics. Sold by Seedsman, this variety features speedy growth, good production and high 20% THC content. One way to get an idea of when to harvest is by inspecting the pistils. Once around 80% have moved from white to brown, it’s likely that your weed is ready for the chop.

keep in mind, however, that other factors can influence the browning of pistils, so if you desire more accuracy, consider the trichome test. Checking the trichomes is the most surefire way to know when it’s time to harvest. There are many different kinds of blunt wraps, and some are easier than others to roll. Swishers are uniform, easy to split, and they’re pretty easy to roll as well. Note: You still need to pH the water during the flush, because too high or too low pH can cause your plant to absorb extra aluminum and salt out of the water! “Frequent urination indicates that you are experiencing optimal cleansing .” Game cigarillos are another popular favorite for flavored cigarillos. They're a little harsher than a Swisher because they have an added exterior leaf, but less harsh than a Backwood. Additionally, they fall somewhere in the middle in terms of difficulty to roll. Basically, Games are the goldilocks of blunt wraps, and I highly recommend the green flavor (I know green is generally a color, but trust me on this one).

We ordered a ten-pack of THC pee tests from Amazon for $7.99, and recruited a regular recreational weed smoker—a 28-year-old woman we’ll call “Jolene”—to test out these drinks over the course of a week without altering her normal weed habits. She’d try out one drink every two days, and take a control test before starting each one to make sure she was still testing positive before drinking them. Then she’d follow the directions on each bottle and see whether she could piss herself clean. Note: the moisture from your fingers can damage the seed. Fixed Price Contracts : The 18 month contract includes a fixed price broadband and line rental guarantee for the length of your contract.


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