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Where is the White Seed SHip?

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Did you talk to Rinoa in the Infirmary and flashback to Laguna where you talk to Ellone? If not try that, go talk to Edea and she will say something about the White SeeD Ship and it will be in the same place as it is every time

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As SwordMaster pointed out, you need to make sure you’re actually supposed to be looking for it. The White SeeD ship is mentioned before you’re actually supposed to find it.

After you fist talk to Edea and make your announcement to the rest of Garden, you need to visit Rinoa in the infirmary, which triggers the 4th Laguna scenario (involving a movie, and some ruby dragons). After that, you go talk to Edea again about finding the ship.

Only once you’ve done that does the ship even exist on the world map.

Aside from that, the ship is hard to see if the camera is at the wrong angle. To describe it’s location the simplest way, on the left side of the Centra continent there’s a sort of hand-like shape. Where the “wrist” would be, and slightly south there’s a semi-large island shaped like a “U”, the ship is in the cove formed by this island, in a sort of little off-shoot cove. If you hug the edge of that island and circle it, you’ll find it eventually.

For Final Fantasy VIII on the PlayStation, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Where is the White Seed SHip?".

Final Fantasy VIII Wiki Guide

White SeeD Ship

Leave Balamb Garden and head for Edea’s House (at the tip of the Cape of Good Hope southwest of the forest). Enter the house, read a copy of Timber Maniacs on the right side then take the doorway on the right to the Backyard, and approach Cid and Edea. After Edea speaks, attempt to leave the area. After Squall’s announcement, go to the recovery room in the Infirmary for another visit to the dream world. You can pick up the Weapons Monthly July issue in the Training Center.

While fighting the Ruby Dragon with a gunblade, just mash Triangle until you beat the the monster and run. When your companions arrive, go back to where the Ruby Dragon is to fight and defeat it for real this time. Ruby Dragons are weak against Ice and vulnerable to Sleep. Junction Ice magic to Elem-Atk and Sleep to ST-Atk. Begin by afflicting the dragon with Sleep and stocking up on magic. When you’re finished, attack with Ice magic, Shiva and Alexander. Stick Sleep whenever the dragon wakes up.

Head to the Orphanage and talk to Edea again. She will give you a letter along with some information regarding the White Seed Ship’s whereabouts. Play cards with Matron to try and win the Edea Card .

Return to the Garden and locate the White SeeD Ship (in an inlet in the western half of Centra Crater north of Edea’s House). Head for the ship’s stern and find the White SeeD Leader in the cabin below deck. After you give him Edea’s letter, speak to him and use the Holy draw point.

You will meet Zone and Watts again on the ship. Watts is on the deck; talk to him to learn a few things. Zone is at the ship’s helm. Inside ship’s helm, read a copy of Timber Maniacs at the left side. Give Zone your copy of The Girl Next Door for free. In thanks, he’ll give you a Rename Card and the Shiva Card . Note that the Girl Next Door is a one-of-a-kind item while the Shiva Card can be won from the CC Group in Disc 4. If you’re aiming for a “perfect game” leave the card and keep the magazine.

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