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White Widow – 180gram harvest from one plant by Mr Rhino.

White Widowis consistently one of the best selling and most praised Dutch Passion varieties. It is a variety with a reputation for producing exceptionally strong marijuana, and it does so in generous quantities. In this weeks blog we detail a special grow which gave a very tasty 180 gram harvest (6.5 ounces) for a Dutch Passion customer called Mr Rhino who grew a single White Widow under a 600W HPS light and got a spectacular result.

For anyone who is unsure which variety to try growing next, White Widow is a safe choice. The ‘White Widow’ name comes from the ‘white’ crystalline appearance of mature females due to the heavy levels of resin production which covers both the buds and fan leaves. White Widow was created many years ago by a Dutch grower named Ingemar. Dutch Passion brought original seeds of this carefully selected variety to the market many years ago and it has won countless awards over the years.

The Dutch Passion team were really impressed with this White Widow grow from ‘Mr Rhino’ and we thought our readers would be interested to see just how well White Widow can perform. The original grow diary is here on the popular UK420 forum.
It began when Mr Rhino germinated 5 feminized Dutch Passion White Widow seeds. He grew them all and selected the best single specimen to take through to maturity. This plant was grown vegetatively for 8 weeks under conditions of around 18-24 hours of daily light. During this period the plant grows roots, branches and leaves but no bud. Plants given a long time in ‘veg’ often have the foundation to become very productive when they are flowered. She was grown in a 15 litre container with Plagron Batmix soil. This is a quality soil enriched with bat guano. Today many growers buy ready-mixed compost from specialist manufacturers and get great results whether they are new growers or veteran growers.

Daily light was reduced to 12 hours after 8 weeks –and flowering began. The White Widow had been skilfully trained underneath a netting. This technique involves keeping the growing tips of the white widow underneath the netting. Only the flowering heads are allowed to grow vertically. Although the photo’s look like there are several plants growing in fact it is only a single White Widow with around 20 well sized cola’s. The benefit of this method is the efficiency; the 600W HPS is able to get strong intense light on all the blooms. The result is very heavy harvests.
The White Widow was fed with 2ml/litre Plant Magic Oldtimer bloom nutrient in the early part of flowering. By day 27 she was feeding on 3.5ml/litre. By Day 40 she was on 4ml/litre. Eventually she reached 5ml/litre of feed. Like all good growers Mr Rhino was able to steadily increase the nutrient concentrations without over-feeding and ‘burning’ the leaves and roots. The result was the spectacular growth seen here. Mr Rhino commented that White Widow gave “very vigorous growth both in veg and flower. White Widow was good to ‘top’ (end up with lots of colas!). A very forgiving plant, you can throw what food you like at her and she will be happy.”

You can see numerous well sized blooms, it is rare to see a grow performed as expertly as this. Mr Rhino had removed the growing tip of the plant (‘topping’) to encourage the plant to produce all the blooms you see here. White Widow is a resin-rich variety so the buds are heavy and grind up really easily with all the oil within. On the photo’s you can see the resin is oozing from the leaves as well. The final yield was 180 grams. Mr Rhino was wise enough to keep a cutting from this great White Widow; he can grow it in the future knowing that he has massive growth potential.

In warmer climates such as Spain, White Widow can be grown successfully outdoors and when rooted into quality soil will turn into a well sized bush that can yield heavily. Mr Rhino harvested his White Widow after 9 weeks of flowering. As you can see from the bud photo’s he got some top quality pot for his efforts. Each of the blooms was soaked with resin and the photo’s show just how well formed and dense the buds were.

All in all this was a great result from Mr Rhino and his reward is a 180g supply of top quality weed. Dutch Passion congratulate Mr Rhino on a superb grow! We give the final words to Mr Rhino himself who made the following conclusion “White Widow smells nice of lemon/pine, not too overpowering so may appeal to those that need a low odour strain. My best point with this plant was the strength, potent! Buzz starts around the eyes and slowly works its way down the body, not very couchlocky either. All in all a good strain and I’m happy!!”

White Widow – 180gram harvest from one plant by Mr Rhino. White Widowis consistently one of the best selling and most praised Dutch Passion varieties. It is a variety with a reputation for

White Widow

White Widow is a cross of Indian and Brazilian genetics, which has a very powerful relaxing effect. The plant is covered with a large number of snow-white trichomes during flowering and has a high THC content, about 20-25%.
This is a feminized well-balanced variety that grows well indoors and yields 450 g / m2 in 8-10 weeks. The plant has a small growth, reaching 80 cm and is suitable for stealthy cultivation. It has a wonderful sour-sweet flavor. Thick smoke gives a fresh fruity taste, with spicy notes. The effect is suitable only for experienced smokers, as it is extremely powerful, relaxing, turning into body-stoned.

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