wooden box for weed

Wooden box for weed

This roll-box or stash box made of light wood prevents that your rolling papers and filter-tips make a mess on your table at home. From now on you have everything in one place. Tips, rolling paper, grinder, lighter, cannabis, hash and more.

Stash Box

You can use this small wooden box as a stash box. In and outside the home. Put all your weed stuff in the stash box and close it with the gold colored closure. Take it with you in your bag or store it somewhere where no one can find it.


  • Wooden rolling box / storage box
  • Space for all your rolling tools
  • Provided with clasp
  • All your things in one place
  • Dimensions: 15,5 x 8,5 x 4,8 cm

Surface for Rolling

The storage box has 3 compartments where long rolling papers, filters, marihuana or prepared joints can be stored. On top of the longest compartment sits a handy small triangular-shaped shelf, which can be used as a pad to roll a joint. This small shelf is handy when you do not count with a solid surface, for example on the beach or at a party or festival.

With this roll box or storage box made of dark-colored timber, there is no need to have your rolling papers or tips lying around in your house. Handy for at home! ]]>